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Orconomics: A Satire - Signed Paperback

Orconomics: A Satire - Signed Paperback

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Get a trade paperback of Orconomics: A Satire personally signed by author J. Zachary Pike.

If you would like a custom salutation in the front of the book, you can specify it when adding to the cart. You can be as specific or as general in your instruction as you like, but Zack will not write anything that would offend his mother, and no returns can be accepted on books with custom salutations under any circumstance.

About Orconomics: A Satire

Gorm Ingerson's glory days are a distant memory. Back when he was a hero-for-hire, the Dwarf adventurer slaughtered Orcs and Goblins for credit without a second thought. He never expected that robbing an intrepid adventurer would get him his own pesky Goblin sidekick. With nothing better to do, the hungover Dwarf escorts his tagalong through the wilderness… and ends up roped into a suicidal quest he can't refuse.

On a mission to win back a stolen treasure, Gorm must hold together a bickering team of half-baked heroes and their empty-headed prophet. With each new obstacle, Gorm can sense the powerful men who funded his trip following their every move with a strange fixation. To complete the dangerous mission with his internal organs intact, Gorm must figure out the sinister truth behind the investors’ master plan before he and his misfit band become quest fodder.

Orconomics: A Satire is the first book in The Dark Profit Saga, a trilogy of humorous epic fantasy novels. If you like down-and-out heroes, sidesplitting misadventures, and ingenious world-building, then you’ll love J. Zachary Pike’s dark and delightful ribbing of high fantasy.

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