This site represents my attempt to (someday) make a living as an author. In order to be successful, it needs to be authentic, transparent, and honest. It also needs to make money. In service to both those causes, this disclaimer lets you know how I (try to) profit from the site.

This site markets my books. If that statement wasn't painfully obvious, I'm a failure as a web designer. (Seriously — I’m trying to sell you one of my books on this page. Right now. Just by writing this, I probably made you look at it.) But now that it’s officially disclosed that I’m marketing to you, I feel much more honest.

I write reviews on my site, and some people may compensate me to do so. Any review I write represents my unbiased opinion — nobody can purchase a positive review from me. Additionally, I will disclose if I receive anything in exchange for the review, be it free copies of a work, money, work in kind, etc. If I’m compensated in any way, I’ll send the review to the artist / group that paid me (or baked me cookies) and let them decide whether or not I should post it. If you see a scathingly negative review, you can bet that nobody compensated me for it.

I’m an Amazon Affiliate, which means that if you visit Amazon through one of my affiliate links and buy something, I make a small commission. If you click a link on my site and it takes you to an Amazon.com product, you can bet that it’s an affiliate link. You can learn more about the Amazon Affiliate program on the affiliate website.

I also run Amazon Affiliate CPM ads on my blog. Those ads promote products that Amazon’s algorithms think you'll like, based at least in part about the data they possess about your browsing history. These ads appear on my blog pages, and they're easy to spot, because they look like ads. I make a small amount of money (a tiny fraction of a cent) whenever you view them.

I use analytics tools and cookies from social networks and my email provider to see data about site visitors and market more effectively. An example is that my newsletter sends an email to ask which of my books you’ve read. When you click a response, my email provider records the data, and then I may use that data to let you know about a sale on a book you haven't read yet.

I have other uses for that data, including targeting ads on social networks, managing the Heroes’ Guild (my online advance team), keeping track of which subscribers only want launch emails, etc., but I can only see users’ activity on my own sites and pages, and I don't sell or distribute personal data to anyone else. For a complete and more thorough look at how I use data, please visit the privacy policy.

As of May 1st, 2018, my email provider is Drip.

If I start any other for-profit initiatives on the site, from advertising to selling other people's products, I’ll make them a part of this disclaimer. If you have any questions about this disclaimer, or anything else on my site, please contact me via Facebook or Twitter.