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A Song of Three Spirits - Signed Hardcover

A Song of Three Spirits - Signed Hardcover

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Get a hardcover copy of A Song of Three Spirts, personally signed by J. Zachary Pike.

When requesting a custom salutation, you can be as specific or as general in your instruction as you like, but Zack will not write anything that would offend his mother, and no returns can be accepted on books with custom salutations under any circumstance. If you don’t specify a custom salutation, Zack will just sign his name.

About A Song of Three Spirits

When life gave Fenrir Goldson a second chance, he asked for a gift receipt.

Mr. Goldson is filthy rich. He’s also callous and cruel and hasn’t got a festive bone in his ancient body. Naturally, he’s due for a holiday haunting.

When his business partner, Bolbi Baggs, announces that they’re to be visited by three spirits, Mr. Goldson braces himself for a whirlwind tour of his past, present, and future.

Typically, a trio of time-traveling ghosts heralds a heartwarming tale of hope and redemption for the human race. Mr. Goldson, however, isn’t a member of the human race. He’s a Dwarf, and Mr. Baggs is a Halfling, and the adventure that’s about to take them across the enchanted world of Arth is anything but typical.

Holiday magic and economic realities collide in A Song of Three Spirits. It’s A Christmas Carol for the 21st century, with a dash of high fantasy. Read this hilarious satire of Charles Dickens’s classic today!

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