Orconomics: A Bookmark


Get lost in The Dark Profit Saga without losing your place.

These books are long. Mark your spot in style with a 5 giltin note printed on thick card stock.

Printed front and back. See gallery photos for reverse view.

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You may think this incredibly attractive, equally nerdy bookmark is just for keeping your place in your favorite epic fantasy novels. You’d be wrong.

Consider all of the other amazing things you can do with this bookmark:

  • Play poker using bookmarks for chips and feel richer than Fenrir Goldson
  • Place one on your friend’s windshield. Watch as he or she is initially curious about the money, than enraged at the idea that it’s a religious pamphlet, and finally delighted and / or confused when he or she realizes it’s an image from a financial fantasy book
  • Leave one as tooth-fairy money for children who aren’t old enough to know better
  • Make it rain, but with Orcs
  • Get kicked out of gentlemen’s clubs*
  • Give them as a gift to resentful children who no longer trust you
  • AND SO MUCH MORE (probably)

No books are included in this item.

* Gnomish Press LLC is not responsible for damages or injury resulting from your conduct in gentlemen’s clubs** or any other use of this bookmark
** Also, ew.

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