An Urban Fantasy Mystery

Buford Lafont isn't your typical paranormal detective. He's heavy, eccentric, runs a donut shop, and generally wants nothing to do with anything supernatural. And Arthur isn't your typical sidekick. He's just a kid who thought he'd be sweeping the floor of a donut shop.

But sinister forces threaten their quaint, New England town. A young man has disappeared, and Lafont fears more could follow. If he's not careful, he might be next.


When Arthur takes a job at a Blue’s Doughnuts, he has no idea that his fat, obstinate boss Buford Lafont has a dark secret. In addition to running a failing bakery, Lafont moonlights as a private investigator and a reluctant expert into paranormal phenomena that threaten humanity.

Detective Lafont wants little to do with the darker side of his small New England town, but the spirits and powers that lurk in the shadows won't leave him alone. His first case with Arthur at his side starts out as a simple disappearance, but quickly draws them into the realm of occult mathematics and sinister rituals. It will take all of Lafont's skill and cunning if they’re to survive the dark secret behind the victim’s death and taxes.


“It kept me reading and not wanting to stop.”— Amazon Customer

“The story is tight and fast moving.”— A. G. Brown, Amazon Customer

“A great offbeat vibe to it, well written, and engaging.”— P. Johnson, Amazon Customer

Amazon Customer

A. G. Brown, Amazon Customer

P. Johnson, Amazon Customer

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